Stable Yoga was created for horse lovers that can help you physically, mentally and emotionally both in and out of the saddle. While in our classes, we work on feeling our body, balance, strength and flexibility. Mindfulness and proper breathing is practiced throughout our videos, so that you can be in the moment and learn how to better manage your emotions, in life and in riding. All of our yoga is beginner friendly, gentle yoga and can be easily adjusted for injuries and most disabilities. You will never finish our classes feeling painful or overwhelmed. We want you to step off your mat feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

  • At this time, Stable Yoga is only offered virtually.

Yoga Certifications

  • Breath Work Coach – Yoga Body
  • RYS 200 Hour Yoga – Yoga ReNew
  • Yin Yoga – My Vinyasa Practice
  • Meditation – UCF
  • Mindfulness – UCF
  • Chakra Energy Healing – Natural Healer
  • Law of Attraction – Natural Healer 

Photo from a featured article by Lake Magazine.

Virtual Stable Yoga

Virtual Stable Yoga:

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  • Short Yoga Videos
  • Video Access to Live Classes
  • Problem Areas
  • Key Poses for Equestrians
  • Calming Exercises
  • Pre-ride Stretches
  • Breath Work
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Beginner Friendly

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