Cara Blanchard Training

Not only is dressage one of Cara’s greatest passions, but she also has a knack for “problem horses” – the mishandled, misunderstood and diamonds in the rough. Cara is able to get to the root of a horse’s issue then come up with and execute a plan to help them overcome and thrive in the future.

She uses a combination of her extensive equine behavioral knowledge, classical dressage, ground work, liberty techniques and biomechanics to build a program specifically for each individual horse. Cara prides her program on positive reinforcement and always putting the horse’s needs first.

As well as teaching her unique methods to her students, Cara takes a few select horses in training at a time, but only wishes to work with owners who understand that training is on the horse’s schedule. While horse in training get worked daily, every horse improves at a different rate. Results are always emanate, but the timeline will vary from horse to horse. Owners will receive videoed sessions so that they can continue with training once the horse returns home.

Please message Cara below to reserve your horse’s training slot or your lesson.

  • Training Board – $1,950/month
  • By the Lesson – $125/hour
  • 4 Lesson Package – $440