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After years of searching for an affective joint supplement with no luck, my veterinarian introduced me to SummitMax by Eternapure. My homebred gelding sustained a pasture injury in 2009 and when we found SummitMax in 2018, it changed our lives forever! 

Now, most of my horses are on SummitMax and I have a barn full of geriatric, comfortable horses. My Grand Prix stallion and my up and coming FEI mount both receive maintenance doses to keep them feeling their best. I highly recommend Eternapure’s products to everyone – even my Mother-in-Law takes their C4S!

Eternapure sells the purest form of Chondroitin 4 Sulfate on the market and is USEF/FEI legal.

The Wellness Company

It was really hard to find all of the nontoxic products we needed in one store. Then we learned they could be delivered to our doorstep – a one stop shop and we didn’t even have to leave home!

We’re now living our best low-tox lives without breaking the bank. We’ve eliminated common toxins that can be found in household and personal care products by purchasing through an All American, green online shopping club.

Living a fulfilling and healthy life is important to me and I’m happy to share my little nuggets of information with others.

Imagine Canine Academy

The connection between dog and owner is built through love on both ends of the leash, and training is a huge part of that connection. Our positive reinforcement training helps your dog understand how to be a part of your household in a non-stressful way.

At Imagine Canine Academy, we believe every pet owner deserves effective training to help develop the most rewarding relationship possible with their dog. Positive reinforcement training is not just about “giving treats,” but about using scientifically proven techniques to build a strong bond between owner and pet.

Training takes patience and time, but the result will be incredibly rewarding for both you and your dog. We are here to support you, even after you complete your time with us.

Esprit Equestrian

Being an FEI Dressage rider and hosting retreats in Florida, I wanted breeches that I could wear comfortably all day. I found them in Esprit Equestrian! They have the most adorable, fashionable and comfortable breeches that I have found on the market…and cute belts to boot! Click this link for a discount on your purchase. 

Grand Meadows

I have been using Grand Meadows products for my horses for nearly two decades. Their quality and consistency is unmatched! Use my code, CBLAN, at checkout on their website for 15% off your order.