About Our Horses

Our retired school masters make for an invaluable addition to our peaceful yoga classes. While all of our horses may be present in the stable during yoga (depending on our Florida weather,) Cara primarily uses her 3 most experienced school horses for our hands on activities.

Bask, Talon and Tommy have each been a part of our family for over a decade. Combined, they have taught countless women and children the magic of horses. We are excited for them to continue sharing their magic as retirees!

Please note that none of our horses are available for riding or any type of lease. However, Tommy is available for mounted yoga (this is mostly at a stand still.) These boys (and most of our horses) are old farts and done with their riding careers, but they love being pampered in our classes! We appreciate your understanding.

Please enjoy some photos of these guys from their working days! They are the sweetest and goofiest boys. We hope you’ll come enjoy a class with them!