Cara's Favorites

Often, I get asked about my favorite helmet, girth or even boots. I decided to join Amazon’s Associate Program so that I can share some of my favorite products with you. Everything that I share here, can be found in my barn. Happy shopping! 

The Treatment of Horses by Homoeopathy. This book has been a lifesaver on several occasions. All if the homeopathic remedies mentioned in this book can be found on Amazon. –

Cloud boots. These are heaven in a horse boot. These therapeutic boots have been invaluable for my older, tender footed horses. –

Ovation Helmet. LOVE them. Worth the money. Washable insert. Adjustable. Light weight and comfortable. –

TECH Capri Dressage Stirrups. These are literally THE BEST stirrups I ever had. –

SSG Pro Grip Gloves. So comfortable, affordable and classy. –

TECH Stirrup 3-tip spurs. I’m not a spur fan, but its a rule for FEI. These are beautiful and classy. –

Veredus Dressage Boots – class, durability, form and function. –

Argan Waterless Shampoo. This stuff smells AMAZING and it works! –

Andis Clippers. I typically demolish clippers in no time, these pass the Cara durability test! –

Ovation Comfort Dressage Girth. Absolute BEST girth I’ve ever owned. No chaffing, comfortable and hoses right off to look brand new. –

Ovation Elegance Dressage Pad. These are gorgeous and classy and I’m a saddle pad collector. –

Tough 1 Hay Feeder. These aren’t the most durable things in the world, but so easy to get lots of hay into. –

Horse Kong Toy. Baby Sunni loves hers! –

My go-to bit, love this thing! – Myler Eggbutt Comfort Snaffle –

Mountain Horse Sovereign Boots. These are comfortable and beautiful! –


*Cara may make a commission with your purchase through the links above. All proceeds go to support our retired rescues.