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Hey guys, I’m Cara!

My primary focus is to promote physical, mental and emotional health with the equine community. I offer a variety of programs and a few shopping options to do my part in helping with the overall health of horse lovers. 

I became a professional in the dressage horse industry in 2005. I have earned my USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, Multiple Regional and Nationals Championships and graduated from the USDF L Program.

My passion for biomechanics, mental health and a strong desire to help others lead me to refocus my career path a few years ago when my school horses began to retire. I became a certified yoga, breath work and mindfulness coach. I also started working with a wellness company that supports our nontoxic, chemical free lifestyle.

I built my new programs to focus more on equestrian health. I started mini Retreats to the Stable called ‘Horse Aunts’ and Stable Yoga which breaks down biomechanics and how to safely work through anxiety – in and out of the saddle.

A great deal of my dressage lesson program focused on promoting happiness, fun, harmony and building confidence in both horse and rider. I have carried these values and beliefs over to my other programs, as I have retired as a professional horse trainer and riding instructor, but still want to help my fellow equestrians.

Most of what I offer is virtual, so you can join me from anywhere in the world, when your schedule allows. I welcome emails anytime and I’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

Best wishes and rides,