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Hey guys, I’m Cara!

My mission in life and in business is to show others that we can take a holistic, patient and compassionate approach to working with horses and training dressage. The horse’s wellbeing, physical, mental and emotional health is always in the forefront. 

I welcome likeminded horse owners to join us at our boutique family farm who always put the horse’s needs first and want to build a deeper relationship with their mount for a happier, healthier horse. Our trusty steeds bring an unparalleled sense of peace, joy and unity. I want all of my riders to have an incredible partnership with their best friend and reap the rewards of their relationship. 
My passion for helping others has lead me down an incredibly rewarding path of becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach through the University of Central Florida. My zest for both mental health and biomechanics lead me to becoming certified as a yoga, breath work and mindfulness coach, as well. I am elated to offer these skills to help my fellow horse lovers find peace, balance and alignment through my program, Stable Yoga.
Please join me on my Facebook page – here I always share inspiration, motivation, good vibes, an ear, a shoulder and a safe haven for like minded horse loving folks. I appreciate each and every one of you.
Please cruise around my website and take a look at everything we have to offer. I hope you’ll join us in the stable!

May the horse be with you,