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Hey guys, I’m Cara!

Welcome to Stable Yoga!

We are located in Central Florida and our yoga classes take place at our home, in our horse stable. I became a professional in the dressage horse industry in 2005. I have earned my USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, Multiple Regional and Nationals Championships and graduated from the USDF L Program.

When the time came to start retiring my lesson horses, I started Stable Yoga to fund their retirements and continue to help my fellow horse lovers. That being said, riding and lessons are no longer available. 

A great deal of my dressage lesson program focused on promoting happiness, fun, harmony and building confidence in both horse and rider. I have carried these values and beliefs over to Stable Yoga.

My passion for biomechanics, a strong desire to help others and a incredible amount of experience with anxiety lead me to to refocus my career path a few years ago. I became a certified yoga, breath work and mindfulness coach.   

My hands on teaching experience and extensive education has lead me down an exciting path of building a variety of programs to help others overcome their anxiety, fears and doubts and give them the tools to have the courage to live the life of their dreams – whether avid equestrians or not.

If you’re local, we’d love for you to join us for some yoga in the stable. We also have virtual yoga so that you can join us from anywhere in the world. I welcome emails anytime and I’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.