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Hey guys, I’m Cara!

I have been a professional in the dressage industry for nearly 20 years. I strive to connect horses and humans through natural horsemanship, classical dressage, mindfulness, breath work and yoga. With a passion for helping others with their troubles, stress and anxiety, my business is focused on the mental and emotional health of my fellow horse lovers and our beloved 4 legged friends. I take a detail oriented compassionate and holistic approach to horsemanship.
I welcome likeminded horse owners to join Cara Blanchard Training who always put the horse’s needs first and want to build a deeper relationship with their mount for a happier, healthier horse. I teach and train my own unique style that always puts the horse’s welfare above all else by striving to understand each individual’s specific needs. 
I created my program, Stable Yoga, to be able to better assist my students in becoming more mobile, effective and confident in the saddle. To help my riders, I am certified in variety of different types of yoga, breath work, mindfulness and meditation. Our trusty steeds bring an unparalleled sense of peace, joy and unity and I want all of my riders to have an incredible partnership with their best friend and reap the rewards of their relationship. 
Please join me on my Facebook page – here I always share inspiration, motivation, good vibes, an ear, a shoulder and a safe haven for like minded horse loving folks. I appreciate each and every one of you.
Please cruise around my website and take a look at everything we have to offer. I hope you’ll join us in the stable!

May the horse be with you,